Social Projects

1 Custom Sneaker 🎨 = 1 Tree 🌳

In early 2020 I decided to plant 1 tree for every custom sneaker sold. With that and other initiatives and occassions, I was able to plant 400+ trees this year alone! This is an incredible amount! Together I want to combat the deforestation, because trees are the lungs of our earth. 

I am using to plant the trees for me in different countries.
I have already planted more than 80+ trees in Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya, Australia and the Amazon Rainforest. 
Planting trees does not just impact Global Warming, but also helps to create structures within local communities, giving them jobs, education and purpose. 

I believe that modern businesses like myself have a social responsibility more than most people like or admit to. As we shape todays world, we should also influence the futures'. 

Together we can AND will do better!