Hypeartelier for Businesses

Do you have a business / doctor's office and want your employees to wear Custom Sneakers with your own logo on them?

Custom Sneaker for your employees increase the identificantion and loyalty to your company but also show presence and leave an impression on events and fairs. 

Various sneakers with cooperate branding starting from only 105€ (excl. tax).


Reasons why you NEED Custom Sneakers for your company:

✔️ Increased identification with your company

✔️ Unique appearance on events & fairs

✔️ Great gift for best-performing affiliates at the end of the year! 


The mockup - design as well as the order of the shoes will be covered by me for free! With an order of 5 or more sneakers I can offer even better prices. 


Prices obviously depend on the complexity of the design and the order quantity.

I would love to create a mockup design for your for free, then I can quote a price!

If you are interested, please contact me via email: business@hypeartelier.de