Who I customised sneakers/football boots for already:

  • Marco & Karo Terrazzino (SC Paderborn)
  • Robin Koch (Leeds United)
  • Suat Serdar (FC Schalke)
  • Diego Demme (SC Neapel)
  • Amadou Haidara (RB Leipzig)
  • Marco Richter (FC Augsburg)
  • Streli Mamba (SC Paderborn)
  • Mohamed Dräger (SC Paderborn)
  • Erik Thommy (Fortuna Düsseldorf)
  • Maximilian Mittelstädt (Hertha BSC)
  • Marvin Plattenhardt (Herta BSC)
  • Chris Richards (FC Bayern München)
  • Laura Radke (VFL Bochum)
  • Juliane Wirtz (Bayer 04 Leverkusen)
  • Kai Pflaume, Elton & Bernhard (Wer Weiss Denn Sowas?)

 I also had the possibility to do custom shoes for many social media stars from Germany and around the world!
If you want to partner up with me as well, you can submit a request via Email to: info@hypeartelier.de! Please note that I can only accept request that match my style and have a big following!

Here is a list of some of the bigger social media influencers I have worked with in the past!

  • Kai Pflaume, Elton & Bernhard (TV stars and Influencer)
  • Ceddo (Youtube & Instagram Influencer)
  • Ana Kohler (Influencer & Singer)
  • Kristina Levina (Instagram Influencer)
  • S_XARAAA (Instagram Influencer)
  • Lillycurious (Instagram Influencer)
  • Stephmkay (Instagram & Youtube Influencer)
  • Denise.mski (Instagram Influencer)
  • Luana (Instagram Influencer)
  • Nikasofie (Instagram Influencer)
  • Vallixpauline (Instagram & Tiktok Influencer)
  • Lukas Leonhardt (Instagram Influencer)
  • Barbara Kristoffersen (Influencer)
  • Anna Astrup (Influencer)
  • Nils Kretschmer (Athlete & Influencer)
  • Rachel Ward (UK Influencer)
  • Zaramiraa (Instagram & Youtube Influencer)
  • Caro Einhoff (Influencer)
  • Catharina Maranca (Influencer)
  • Richard Heinze (Influencer)
  • Realhannahyt (Instagram & Youtube Influencer)
  • Remke (Influencer)
  • Marylouleloup (Influencer)
  • Nick Gamroth (Influencer)

And many more!

Strely Mamba (SC Paderborn)

Suat Serdar (FC Schalke 04)
Kai Pflaume, Elton & Bernhardt (Wer Weiss denn Sowas?)

Diego Demme (SC Neapel)

Marco Richter (FC Augsburg)

Ana Kohler (Instagram Influencer & Musician)