Customisation "FLOWER BLUE" (any Sneaker)

Customisation "FLOWER BLUE" (any Sneaker)

  • Individually Made On Order.
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Think responsibly and upcycle your own sneakers instead of buying new pairs!

How it works: (find a more detailed explanation here) 

1) You buy the design you want to have on your sneakers on this website.
2) You send us your pair of shoes and add the form to the box which you can download after the purchase.
3) We customise the sneakers with your design and send the finished shoes back to you.

Yes, we can also work with used shoes (as long as they are not beat up)! But make sure to clean them beforehand.

Shipping Information:
This offer is only available within Europe for now.
The customer only needs to pay for the shipping (+possible taxes) to us.
We pay for the shipping back to you.


Important: In this offer the shoes are NOT included. The price only includes the customisation.

The product images show examples of how the shoes could look. The actual shoe might differ slightly depending on the shoe itself.

We are not affiliated by or associated with any of the brands seen on this website. We are customisers and only offer the customisation of the products. The name of the brands and associated names, logos and images are registered trademarks by the brands.

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each pair is
Made by Hand.

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