Upcycle your sneakers.♻️

Why do you always need to buy new sneakers when you can just upgrade your old pairs? We will do the work for you. Just send in the sneakers you don't like anymore and we'll do the magic.🧙‍♂️🎨

How does it work?

1. Buy the design you'd like from the wide range of possibilities on our website (click here).

2. Download the form, print it out and add it to the shoebox. This will give us all the necessary information so we know what to do with the shoes, who they belong to and where to send them to. This step is necessary. Unfortunately you cannot order the shoes directly to our address, because the form would be missing.

3. Send the shoes to our address:

Weseler Str. 316a
48163 Münster

Again, it is important you include the form.
You have to pay for the shipping to us (+possible taxes when sending from  Switzerland). For your sake it is best to send the shoes with a tracking number. In that case, you can give us a notice when they arrived and we can have a look.

4. We will do our magic. Once finished, we will send the shoes back to you. You won't have to pay for shipping again when you are from Germany, we'll cover that. Enjoy!



 Brand new shoes we can work with



Now we will answer the most common questions:

Can I send in a new pair? I got it as a gift but think it is too boring..

🎨 Yes of course you can! We love working with brand new shoes the most.


Can I send you a used pair? I don't wear it anymore but I'd love to upgrade them instead of buying a brand new pair.

🎨 Yes, you can do that! But please make sure, they are in acceptable condition and cleaned before sending them to us. We might need to charge an additional fee if we have to clean the shoes first.


Can I choose any design from your website or only the ones for purchase?

🎨 Generally speaking, we can do any design you like, of course! Just send us a DM or an email and let us know, what you'd like.