About Me

I am Niklas, 20 years old and live in Germany. I started painting custom sneakers at the age of 17 in early 2018. Since then, it has been quite a journey and I enjoyed every bit of it, but I am even more excited about what's to come!


How it started:

Back in early 2018, I saw an Instagram post featuring a custom Gucci Air Force 1 at the time. I have never seen something like that before and that night I began researching what I need to start painting my own custom shoes. 


Big Names:

2019 was the year when it really started to go off. Besides selling many more custom sneakers this year, I was also able to do a couple of custom sneakers for some BUNDESLIGA pros. It has been a great experience and I will always be proud to have done that. Of particular note is Marco Terrazzino, a SC Freiburg player, who has been very nice from the very first minute and put his trust in me to paint 2 wedding sneakers for him and his wife's wedding!



1 Custom Sneaker 🎨 = 1 Tree 🌳

I decided to plant 1 tree for every custom sneaker sold. With that and other initiatives and occassions, I was able to plant hundreds of trees this year alone! This is an incredible amount! Together I want to combat the deforestation, because trees are the lungs of our earth. 

I am using OneTreePlanted.org to plant the trees for me in different countries.
I have already planted more than one thousand trees in Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya, Australia and the Amazon Rainforest. 
Planting trees does not just impact Global Warming, but also helps to create structures within local communities, giving them jobs, education and purpose. 

I believe that modern businesses like myself have a social responsibility more than most people like or admit to. As we shape todays world, we should also influence the futures'. 

Together we can AND will do better!


You can also find me on social media!